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What is Xerte?

Xerte is a tool for creating online learning materials. It enables users to easily create accessible, interactive, engaging e-learning resources without the need to have programming knowledge.

Benefits include:

  • Ability tutors to create quality interactive learning resources for students
  • Students to create their own resources, which they can choose to collaborate on with their peers
  • Xerte learning objects can be used online, or exported and used offline where connectivity is limited. It is also easy to share and adapt others’ learning resources
  • Xerte can be easily embedded or linked to, from Moodle
  • Different page types for different pedagogical purposes: presenting information, exploring alternative viewpoints, formative assessment etc.
  • Instant online access: click ‘Publish’ and set the object property to Public, and your learning resource is viewable on the web at the url supplied
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Set more quizzes but do less marking. Ability to create self-marking quizzes enabling learners to self-test with instant feedback.
Updated on December 7, 2021

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