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Academic Induction Schedules in Xerte


This article will support you to update your Xerte induction resources.

  1. Log in to Xerte: xerte.plymouth.ac.uk
  2. In the left hand panel you will see Xerte pages you have access to edit. You should see your Programme name and Code here.
  3. If you do not see your Programme you will need to contact your faculty specialist- whose contact information can be found here in Academic Induction.
  4. From this Xerte Dashboard View select the Xerte Page you wish to edit.
    • The Project Details panel on the right will display project information and a list of people who have edit access to the page.
Screen shot of Xerte workspace windows.
  1. Click the Edit button.
  1. This will open up a new Xerte toolkit window which will allow you to edit the page.
  2. Click on the + to the left of your Programme name. Another heading will appear with a +. Click this.
Screen shot of Xerte toolkit editor.
  1. Once you have clicked + several times you will reach the Page Content page.
Screen shot of expanded menu ending with ‘Page Content’.
  1. Select ‘Page Content’ and this will open the window of content you can now edit and update.

It can be easy to ‘lose’ your edit window in Xerte. If this happens click on the your chrome icon and select the edit window from here as it sometimes hides behind other windows.

  1. In this section you will see all of last year’s content. Each year these pages are recycled and updated. You can now go about updating the different elements of the page. Click into the boxes and edit as though you would in Word.



Click on this button to save your word regularly.

Grey Publish button with black text saying Publish and Black globe icon.


To see what the students will see click play which will open a separate window and you can view your page. Its important to use this preview function so you can look at how students would view it.

Grey play button with black text saying Play and right facing arrow icon.
Sample of a published induction page.

Formatting Menu

To open the full menu of formatting tools click on the small arrow on the top right side of the Text edit window.

Screen shot of arrow to click to open formatting tools.
Expanded view of formatting tools.

‘Additional Resources’ section

In this section of your page you can add links and images.

Add a link to text using this tool:

Link icon.

Add images using this tool:

Image icon

‘Next Steps’ section

This section is edited and updated by the faculty office with recent Moodle links so you shouldn’t need to change anything in here. Please contact your faculty office if something isn’t correct.


Please let your admin faculty office contact know once you have updated your Xerte Programme page.

For guidance on how to complete the Induction section on your Programme Moodle site click here.

Updated on March 13, 2023

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