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Adding 360 Video into Panopto


Screenshot of Panopto

Panopto can store and view 360 video files to be shared with your students

How to upload 360 media to Panopto

Once logged in to the Panopto, navigate to the folder you wish to add the content to and click on the ’Create’ dropdown menu, then select ’Upload media’.

Screenshot of ‘My Folder’ with ‘+ Create’ highlighted
Screenshot of ‘Create’ menu drop down, ‘Upload media’ highlighted

Selecting a folder

When the new page opens, select the folder you wish to upload your content to from

the drop down menu.

Screenshot of file upload, with ‘My Folder’ highlighted.

Please note: You can navigate to the folder first, select the upload from the create drop down menu will then automatically select the folder you are currently in.

Selecting and uploading the 360 video to the selected folder

The 360 video file must be formatted as an equirectangular *.mp4 file. once selected, drag your file into the space displayed below, the file will then begin uploading automatically. It is also possible to do multiple files at the same time.

Screenshot of file upload in progress.

Once each file has been uploaded and processed a tick will be displayed next to the file.

Screenshot of file upload with the upload complete and green tick present.

If you navigate to the folder, it will now display the content. However, you have not yet told Panopto this is a 360 video.

Screenshot of uploaded file.

Enabling video files to playback in 360

Hovering over the video in the Panopto folder will provide the ‘Edit’ option.

Screenshot of uploaded file with ‘Edit’ option highlighted.

Selecting this will take you to the ‘Edit’ screen, and select ‘Streams’ on the left hand menu.

This will display the video stream for the Panopto video, hover over the video that you have uploaded and three dots will be displayed.

Screenshot of edit page, ‘Streams’ highlighted with the three dots of the media clip highlighted.

Select ‘Edit’ from the three dots menu.

Screenshot, selecting ‘Edit’ from the three dots.

This will open a window for editing the stream. Select ‘VR Type’ as ‘360 video’ in the drop down menu followed by ‘Save’

Screenshot of ‘Edit Stream’ with the ‘VR type and 360 video’ highlighted.

Select ‘Apply’ on the Edit page

Screenshot returning to the edit screen, with the ‘Apply’ button highlighted.

A pop up asking to apply the changes to the video and close the editor, click ‘Ok’

Screenshot of pop up window with ‘OK’ selected.

Now the video will now be displayed as a 360 video, and you can click and look around the video.

Screenshot of the uploaded media clip, now visable in 360.

Navigating back to your folder will display the 360 video.

Screenshot of uploaded file in ‘My Folder’
Updated on March 25, 2024
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