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Why wasn’t a Turnitin report generated?

If “Not Available” appears under the Similarity column for the assignment, then originality reports are not available to student users in this assignment. 

Common reasons for a report not generating are that the document is the wrong formattoo big, or the number of files being uploaded exceeds the set parameter.

If none of the above reasons apply, any students wishing to view or receive a copy of the originality report for their submissions must contact their lecturer. The determination of authorising access to this information is in the hands of the lecturer and institution. If there is an issue with the generation of the report, the lecturer will be able to liaise with Turnitin to investigate the problem.

There is also a DLE course available to staff in which they can upload documents. This course could therefore be used if a report has not been generated on an assignment where the deadline has already passed. Staff are asked to contact Digital Education to request access to this course, you will be added to this course with a ‘Student’ role’.

Updated on February 3, 2023
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